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non-invasive. fast-paced. hands-on. angel investing.

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experience-based philosophy. ten years ten principals.

entry valuations don’t matter | “doing the right deal is more important than doing the cheapest deal.”   

understand your circle of competence at all times | “know what you know and know what you don’t know.”     

back thesis-driven entrepreneurs in the right markets | “look for thesis-driven and implementation-agnostic entrepreneurs.”   

become intimately aware of your biases | “bias is your worst enemy, evaluate and re-evaluate objectively.”    

timing matters, on multiple levels | “invest at the right time, in the right market with the right entrepreneurs.”    

focus on trendlines, not headlines | “invest in step-changes, not just pr visibility - as only one is persistent.”    

network, network, network | “the champions league dealflow is network based, at all times.”    

a deal is not done, until it is done | “sometimes it is harder to convince someone to take your money than it is to identify a good investment.”

good company matters | "a triple aaa shareholder line-up may have the biggest difference in the world."

go with serial entrepreneurs | "most of the time that is the delta between great and outstanding."

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 early stage. industry agnostic. geography agnostic. team centric.


// kavak (mx) seed investment '16 | exit to softbank '20.

flash coffee (sgseed investment '20 | tech enabled coffee.

// momentus (us) seed investment '19 | nasdaq ipo '21.

nazca I (mx) lp '18 | mxs' best performing vc fund.

albo (mx) seed investment '19 |disrupting neobank.

myos (ger) seed investment '19 | future fintech rockstar.

storypod (us) pre-seed investment '19 | edtech innovator.
seaside escape (gerseed investment '20 | real estate developer.

helvengo (ch) pre-seed investment '21 | next-gen sme insurtech.

// truehome (mx) pre-seed investment '18 | exit to loft '21.

atfinity (ch) pre-seed investment '18 | regtech hero.

human (us) pre-seed investment '17 | graveyarded '20.

myo (ger) pre-seed investment '19 | ehealth game changer.
nazca II (mx) lp '19 |portfolio harvesting phase.

loklöwen (ger) pre-seed investment '21 | high margin body leasing.

// atai life (ger) growth investment '20 | nasdaq ipo '21.

wonder brands (mx) pre-seed investment '21 | the amazon gold rush.

destinus (ch) seed investment '21 | a new class of fast.

in stealth (ger) seed investment '21 | next level sme banking.

nazca III (mx) lp '21 | the next outperforming vc fund.

nucleus capital (ger) lp '21 | solving systematic challenges.

stableton (ch) seed investment '21 | new age alternative assets.

alphaq vc (ger) gp investment |democratizing venture capital.

milano vice (ger) pre-seed '21 | tomorrows asset light franchise.

build.one (ger) seed '22 | mission critical enterprise web solution.

quointelligence (ger) pre-seed '22 | tailor-made threat intelligence.


// exited.


things I learned. medium posts. 

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co-invested vcs. portfolio follow-ons. performance.


softbank group | apeiron | d1 | general catalyst | tiger global

valar ventures | general atlantic | kaszek | prime movers lab 

green oaks | monashees | cg partners | dx ventures | chuffart

mountain nazca | delivery hero | gfc | y combinator | upper 90 

founders fundthiel capital | seed x | greyhound capital | ifc

white star capitalqed investors | xploration capital | microsoft

class 5 global | auxxo |victory park| atlantic labs | korify capital

freigeist s16vc | anamcara coventure | victory park | allvp

3 unicorns, 1 soonicorn and 1 outstanding bet.

usd 2.15b funds raised after minimal vc invested.

usd 10.8b value uplift after minimal vc invested.

108% minimal vc nav portfolio growth in 2020.

124% minimal vc nav portfolio growth in 2021.

96% graduation rate, investments subscribed by external vcs.

35% follow-on investments subscribed by minimal vc.

albo usd 40m series c round read more

quointelligence eur 5m seed round read more

stableton usd 15m series a round read more

milano vice usd 5.9m seed round read more

destinus usd 29m seed round read more 

helvengo chf 4.5m seed round read more

storypod usd 4m seed round read more

kavak usd 700m series e read more

truehome exit to loft read more

momentus spac ipo usd 310m read more

wonderbrands usd 20m seed round read more

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